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New audio of My newest Crannie, & I!

Journal Entry 07/10/2018:
Newest Crannie is getting fangs, OUCH!

Journal Entry 07/11/2018:
Newest Crannie is running tongue over fangs, bleh!

Journal Entry 07/12/2018:
Blasts from the past, help from many, and new introductions!

Journal Entry 07/16/2018:
Had another couple of biopsies, and maybe some stitches later on, OUCH!

Journal Entry 07/17/2018:
HAPPY EMOJI DAY! From due date? Nine months, Drs. said complications induce!

Journal Entry 07/18/2018:
What's going on with this VPN "virus"? SPACE CADETS UNITE! I didn't change the settings.